Heat Recovery Ventilation

Rega Ventilation have been manufacturing HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) systems for 30 years. Specialising in systems tailored to the UK climate, our extensive experience and knowledge with the systems has allowed us to produce a range of the most efficient and low power consumption units available.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery provides an energy efficient way of maintaining a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the home whilst saving money on heating bills.

It works by extracting the warm, moist air from rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens where condensation is a major factor.  The unwanted air is passed through a heat exchanger then ducted to outside.  Fresh air from outside is drawn in and passing through the heat exchanger; recovering up to 90% of the heat taken from the extracted air, it is then ducted throughout the house encouraging positive air circulation.

Why do I need Heat Recovery Ventilation?

The effects of poor ventilation

  • Condensation forming on windows and puddles on window sills.
  • Mould growth.
  • Damage to the fabric of the building.
  • Build-up of harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide.
  • Stale, musty environment.
  • Increased numbers of dust mites due to moist conditions.

Benefits of heat recovery ventilation?

  • Maintain a fresh atmosphere in a well-insulated home.
  • Removes moisture from the stale air within the house, reducing the risk of condensation problems.
  • Improved air quality will alleviate the symptoms of asthma sufferers.
  • Filtered fresh air will reduce the effects of many respiratory allergies.
  • Prevents damp and mould growth.
  • Allows the home to be tightly sealed, reducing noise entry in urban areas.
  • Controlled air changes mean no over ventilation, keeping heat losses to a minimum.
  • Heat recovery efficiency of up to 90% resulting in reduced heating requirements.
  • Reduced decorating costs.

A mechanical heat recovery ventilation system is comprised of a central air unit and a duct system. Rega offer a range of options to suit the requirements of any construction type.

Central Unit

Loft UnitWall Unit

  • Available for either wall, or loft mounting.
  • Air flow capacity up to 130 litres per second, with a single unit able to service 350m2 floor area.
  • Specific fan power as low as 0.51 W/l/s.
  • Anti-vibration cradle to minimise noise transmission.
  • Acoustically lined to ensure minimal noise outbreak.
  • Built in humidity controller to provide automatic boost operation.
  • Control for manual boost and summer mode included.
  • Summer bypass option available.
  • G4 dust filter or F7 pollen filter.

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Duct Systems

There are two types of duct systems utilised for mechanical ventilation, each with their own benefits.



  • Low air flow resistance.
  • Proven in commercial and domestic application.
  • Semi-rigid aluminium and rigid galvanised steel circular duct available.
  • Rectangular ducts for unobtrusive installation below ceilings or in walls.
  • Manifolds allow for simplified air flow control.
  • Semi-rigid duct simplifies the install process.
  • Smaller ducts allow for installation in limited space.
  • Full range of manifolds and accessories.

Installation Options

External connections

Every system requires an air inlet for fresh air and an exhaust for stale air.

  • Roof terminals with integral flashing.
  • Wall mounted grilles with purpose made sleeves for the wall penetration.
  • Rectangular grilles for inconspicuous soffit installation

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Internal vents

Vents for extraction of air from wet rooms, and supply of air to living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Fully adjustable to allow for system balance.
  • Lockable to prevent unwanted changes to airflow.
  • Aerodynamic design to prevent air noise.
  • Washable filters for extraction vents to prevent dust entering the duct system.
  • A wide range of options available.

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