Central Vacuum Systems

Conventional vacuum cleaners can clean a carpet adequately, but they leave much to be desired when it comes to creating a healthy and pleasing household atmosphere.

A conventional vacuum cleaner filters a certain amount of dust as it cleans, but it also returns finer dust particles, and in most instances, a dusty/musty smell back in to the room*. Unpleasant to breathe and an absolute nightmare for asthma and hay fever sufferers.

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, which simply vent air back in to the room, RegaVent CVS filters and removes dust from the air flow and exhausts the contaminated air straight out of the house.

*Research has shown that dust re-circulated into the room after vacuuming stays in the air for up to 10 hours - which means you'll often have to dust after you've vacuumed!

• Easy newbuild or retrofit installation.
• Safe, child-proof suction sockets.
• Easily disposable dust bag.
• 'Appliance' appearance, may be sited in the utility room or kitchen.
• 150㎥/h suction (domestic cleaners are typically 100㎥/h).
• Optional kits available for different house sizes.
• On/off switch on hose.
• 'Run-on" after switch off, cleans hose.
• Dust bag only needs changing two or three times a year.

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